Septic Information

It is a good idea to also have the Septic system inspected. 

Issues as such can be discovered

  1. The tank could be full and need to be pumped.
  2. A pipe could be broken, or clogged.
  3. A baffle could be bad.
  4. The leach field might not be draining fast enough. Things like tree roots can grow into it and slow drainage down.

How this service can be provided

Voisine Home Inspections does not perform septic inspections. You are welcome to use any septic company you wish. If not, there are a couple companies that I can choose from to call and get on site. That is the extent of my involvement. That company will answer any questions you may have, perform the inspection, and send you the report. When they are done you pay them directly - that is totally separate from my inspection and or tests.